Our Story

We have been rock hounds for a long, long time and opened our first “rock shop” as a mall kiosk in St. Louis, Missouri in late 2000. 

Immediately successful, we opened a larger retail store called Down to Earth Gifts in 2001. In 2003 we changed the name to Earth Wind & Bead, expanded the product lines and opened stores in other St. Louis-area malls.  What a wild ride it was - many hours, many great employees, many happy customers and many fantastic memories.

In 2007 we sold our St. Louis locations, said good-by to the Midwest and made a fast-break to Florida.

In 2011 we opened New Earth Gifts & Beads in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. After 5 wonderful years, we took our brick and mortar shop online.

So what is New Earth Gifts & Beads?
New Earth Gifts & Beads is an eclectic gift store that has successfully married nature with multi-cultural items from around the world.
We sell:

  • Crystals and Mineral Specimens
  • Specializing in Amethyst and Quartz
  • Zeolites
  • Selenite
  • Shungite
  • Onyx
  • Gemstone Carvings of hearts, animal figurines and others
  • Wood Carvings from Bali
  • Pendulums
  • Massage wands
  • Prayer Beads

Our jewelry lines run from beautiful sterling silver and gemstone pendants and earrings to fun fashion and “bridge” jewelry at affordable prices.

YOU - The Reason We are Here!

New Earth Gifts and Beads’ customers are what make the shop so intriguing.  Our customer base encompasses all ages, male and female.  Customers’ interests are predominantly in nature, semi-precious gemstones, metaphysical and spiritual tools, other cultures, fantasy, geology and history. 
There is no “one” classification for our customers – they are as diverse and interesting as the store!

Our Business Goals are Still the Same
Our goal has always been to offer our customers an extensive collection of crystals and minerals as well as multi-cultural gifts from around the world.  We continually strive to have interesting product lines of outstanding quality at affordable prices, and work diligently at creating a peaceful and welcoming environment in which to shop.
Note to our Valuable Bead Customers:
We still have an extensive inventory of beads that are not yet in our online store. Email us at newearthgifts@gmail.com for latest prices and inventory!

Thanks for letting us tell our story and we hope you enjoy our shop!
Linda & Steve

Questions? Call 561-799-0177!