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The discipline of Yoga focuses on the centering of Mind, Body and Spirit. While we don't sell Yoga Mats, New Earth Gifts does offer many products to harmonize with the relaxation and meditative side of the Mind and Spirit. 

Tapestries and wall hangings enhance your Yoga environment with color and meaningful quotes. Sage, incense and aromatherapy oils bring calm and reduce stress and anxiety. Mala Prayer Beads provide focus in meditation.

We have a large variety of jewelry for those of you practicing Yoga. Our most popular is our collection of gemstone “power bracelets”. A genuine gemstone bracelet is beautiful as well as useful – it has the power to remind us of what we need! Use a “power” bracelet as a focusing tool. Be aware of the positive energies and qualities you want to bring into your life. Tune into the vibration of the gemstone and let it go to work for you. There is no magic in this bracelet. THE MAGIC AND POWER ARE IN YOU!


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