Moldavite Stone has been popular among metaphysical practitioners, and even non-practitioners, and who can blame them? 

With its alluring, green, glass-like appearance and intense vibrations that can be felt instantly, its appeal is unquestionable.  Its rich color and beautifully etched surface make it a desirable stone for jewelry, and because of Moldavite's intense vibration, wearing it allows its energies to remain in the wearer throughout the day, strengthening its effects. 

Best known for its power of rapid transformation. Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown. 

We are very proud of our selection of Real Moldavite, including Moldavite Jewelry, handmade Moldavite Pendants designed the USA, and custom Moldavite Jewelry by request. In addition, we have Several Raw Specimens to "wrap" your own or to add to your rock collections. Our Genuine Moldavite For Sale is from the Czech Republic, hand picked at the Tucson Gem Show each year and brought to New Earth Gifts! 

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