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The Crystal that’s, Literally, Out of this World!

Moldavite Long Wire Wrapped PendantDiscover the wonders of this extraterrestrial crystal that has everyone investing so much in its cosmic powers!

Since its discovery by Josef Mayer in 1786, this cosmic green “tektite” has been soaring in popularity …and in price! The rarity of Moldavite crystal has caused its price per gram to rise by 500% in the last 15 years, a rise of 33% per year compared to the 26% annual increase for 24 kt Gold.

Moldavite Metaphysical Uses And Properties

Moldavite has been popular among metaphysical practitioners, and even non-practitioners, and who can blame them? With its alluring, green, glass-like appearance and intense vibrations that can be felt instantly, its appeal is unquestionable.

Moldavite gemstone comes with a myriad of benefits! From accelerating revitalization to a higher cosmic consciousness, all the while connecting you to your higher self, this stone has everything you need. When it comes to spiritual transformation, many have claimed moldavite gemstones to be their go-to crystal as its intense power can bring on change almost instantaneously.

Moldavite and Rainbow Moonstone Pendant Enhances Confidence

Moldavite is known metaphysically for its immense influence, a transformation stone like no other, moldavite gemstone is known to bring forth the chaos you have suppressed within you. One might feel that the fears surfaced by this stone is negative energy, however, there is no need to be wary for this is a necessary step that the moldavite is influencing you to take. Forcing you to face the lion inside you can make you realize that it is nothing but a small mouse.

Moldavite History And Origin

There are still debates on the origins of this stone with most believing it to have been extraterrestrial material that had fallen to earth over 15 million years ago in Germany creating a kilometre-wide crater. Its particles were supposedly projected far from where it landed and created other deposits in the Czech Republic.

Moldavite Care And Cleansing

If you are new to the powers of moldavite, it is important to stay grounded by eliciting the help of any grounding stone of choice. It is also worth noting that when cleansing moldavite, running it under cool water is enough.

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