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The Art of Placement, more popularly known as Feng Shui, is a belief dating from over 3000 years ago in China. It is called the Art of Placement because it focuses on the specific arrangement of things that would optimally bring in good luck or, more aptly, good Feng Shui.

An essential part of the Feng Shui practice is the taoist Yin and Yang Theory. This theory emphasizes a perfect balance of feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) energies that must be maintained at all times for a harmonized happy life which, in the practice of Feng Shui, manifests in the orientation of things.

The Bagua

Bagua - New Earth GiftsWhile good feng shui can be brought about by arranging items according to the flow of energy, many believe that the presence of specific crystals in certain points of your home or office are very beneficial. These certain points or areas are also called baguas in Feng Shui which comprise, essentially, the feng shui energy map that dictates the purpose of a specific area.

You can use the bagua by orienting yourself at the entrance of the room or space and use the map to identify key areas of the space and use this to position your furniture in the areas where they are most essential. For example, you could place your wedding picture at the relationship/love bagua area of a room or your work table in the career bagua area.

To bring in more energy to certain bagua areas or to your space overall, many Feng Shui practitioners absolutely recommend the placement of crystals to achieve maximum positive benefit. Just like the items in your home, these crystals also belong to a specific bagua area where they work best in bringing in harmony.

Recommended Feng Shui Crystals

Here at New Earth Gifts we’re proud to have a quality selection of crystals and gemstones for the specific purpose of Feng Shui. Here are 7 crystals that work together to bring in energy to various bagua areas of your home.

Rose Quartz Sphere - New Earth Gifts

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a popular Feng Shui pick, especially for the love bagua area, as it is primarily a crystal for bringing love into your life and keeping it there. One form of Rose Quartz is especially effective in the Feng Shui aspect--the Sphere. The spherical shape of this beautiful Rose Quartz radiates energy in all directions equally.

Amethyst Candle Holder for Calm and Serenity


Amethyst is popular in Feng Shui for its purification properties. In a household where there may be conflict, its presence has the ability to calm storms and quell emotions. It is also a vital crystal for study and learning so this beautiful gem is often placed in the Wisdom bagua area. Enjoy the beautiful site of an amethyst under the slight glow of a candle with this amethyst candle holder!

Citrine Druse Cut Base Feng Shui Crystal for Home Decor - New Earth Gifts


Citrine is another safe bet for Feng Shui practitioners to place in the office or work room especially for its powerful ability to influence abundance, self-confidence and perseverance. Aside from Citrine jewelry (because it also works wonders when worn!) we also have genuine citrine druze to beautify your work area!

Beautiful Natural Quartz Cluster - New Earth Gifts


Natural Quartz or Clear Quartz is another must-have crystal to bring in good feng shui. This beautiful crystal is spectacular with its many intricacies. Quartz crystal can work well in any bagua area you need it, as its special ability is to clear negative energy from any other crystal it’s paired with. Choose your own beautiful cluster. (Pro-tip when dealing with Quartz crystals or just crystals in general--trust your feelings and listen to your crystals and they’ll tell you where they need to be).

Carnelian Double Terminated Points - Style 4 - New Earth Gifts


Carnelian is a stone popular for boosting creativity and courage and keeping away all unwanted negativity. If you work in a creative field or industry, you might want to place some Carnelians in your office as well! A Carnelian in double terminated form "doubles" the effect by channeling concentrated energy to both directions at once, creating an energy shield and effectively warding off the negativity!

Tiger Eye Stone Massage Great Piece - New Earth Gifts

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a very powerful crystal just like the animal it was named after. Like a tiger’s eye, it keeps a watchful eye on your space and is very protective of it. Trust this crystal to fend off negative energies. Aside from placing a Tiger’s Eye in your area, you might want to try using it as a massage stone and feel the security that comes with its protective presence.

Pyrite Specimens also Known as Fools Gold - New Earth Gifts


Pyrite is a very optimistic stone and is also very generous in sharing its great energy. Despite its overbearing look and cold, metallic appearance, you can really feel the energetic aura of the Pyrite. Aside from the happiness it brings, this precious crystal is a great defender which makes it an ideal stone for academic or business endeavors. It is for this reason that we recommend wearing Pyrite (just like this beautiful specimen which can be yours at an affordable price!)

Try some of these crystals and experience the wonders of nature at work in your own home or office!

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